3 Key Tech areas are PINned

Gates and Mundie said that to further advance trust and enable anywhere access, there are three key technological areas for industry focus and momentum:

*Evolution of networks. As businesses and the industry move forward on redefining network boundaries, policy will become the driving force for managing access -- not the physical topology of the network. The goal is for the network and the Internet to appear and work as if the boundaries between them are seamless, so access for users is easier and faster.

*Evolution of protection. To achieve this anywhere access vision, customers need comprehensive security products and services that integrate seamlessly with each other and existing infrastructure and that are easy to use and manage. There is a necessity for the industry to enable greater protection, not only when information is in transit but also when it is created and where it resides, whether on the server, the desktop or a mobile device.

*Evolution of identity. Today, individuals and businesses struggle with an increasing number of digital identities to manage and the increased level of complexity and risk that goes with them. The industry's collaborative efforts around the development of an identity metasystem are the right direction, and customers need this system to be based on standard protocols that address heterogeneous infrastructures in order to reduce the complexity of managing identities across networks and the Web.