Microsoft to forge more Industry Alliances

Gates and Mundie reinforced Microsoft's commitment to interoperability and its ongoing work with governments, organizations and partners to create and implement industrywide standards that enable systems and applications to work together.

The company is continuing to work with the industry on the WS-* Web standard and with the Interop Vendor Alliance, a global, cross-industry group of software and hardware vendors launched in November 2006, to identify opportunities for enhancing interoperability with Microsoft systems on behalf of their customers.

In the coming year, the Interop Vendor Alliance will work closely with the SecureIT Alliance, announced at last year's RSA Conference, to expand education and outreach on cross-platform security offerings to benefit customers and partners integrating these solutions. Since its formation, SecureIT Alliance membership has grown from 30 founding ISV developers to over 100 member firms.

Microsoft's efforts with its more than 100 partners in the Network Access Protection (NAP) program are also focused on interoperability across platforms, devices and networks.