Aussie phishing Attackers may be locating victims Using Google Maps

I was intrigued to read over the weekend that phishing attackers in Australia are using Google Maps to geographically identify the IP addresses of the PCs they have successfully phished.

According to newswire reports, phishing attacks conducted against customers of two Australian banks - Commonwealth Bank and Westpac - resulted in malicious code being uploaded to the punter's computers that then revealed their physical location using Google Maps.

The phishing attack centered on a false news report claiming that the Australian prime minister had suffered a heart attack.

The phishing email reportedly installs a Trojan and backdoor code to capture all user input, as well as compromising a Web server to allow the hacker to hijack the victims' computer.

The hacker is then provided with details on the number of infected machines in each country, while the Google Maps server is used to translate IP information to pin-point the machines' physical location.

So far this phishing technique is confined to Australia, but some experts predict that this hybrid attack approach could be used by hackers in other parts of the world...