World first VoWifi handset released

Ascom Wireless Solutions announced the release of extended features to their Ascom i75 VoWiFi handset. The Ascom i75 now includes feature rich SIP with a range of supplementary services to enable best possible networking with IP-PBX's.

New features also include power save, improved security and extended professional messaging capabilities. Professional users can now benefit from improvements like faster shared phone log-in and 10 hours talk time on a standard battery and at the same time maintaining excellent speech quality.

The Ascom i75 has been verified with Quality of Service and Security compliance with a number of WLAN infrastructures and Radius servers. The handset also complies with a number of IP-PBX on both H.323 and SIP protocol with a range of supplementary services like for example hold, retrieve, transfer, diversion, call waiting, message waiting indication and conference features.

The Ascom i75 Professional Messaging functionality has been improved with instant voice access at personal alarm and the shared phone switch of user's performance has been dramatically improved.