Spam volumes continue to hit record high

Information from Marshal's TRACE Team in Australia suggests that spam levels are continuing to rise, increasing 30 per cent during February, and 280 per cent since last October.

The problem, the Sydney-based firm says, is a resurgence of spam coming out of China and South Korea.

"The increase in total spam volume could be attributed to the dramatic increase in spam we have seen coming out of Asia in the past week," said Bradley Anstis, Marshal's director of product management.

According to Anstis, the increase in spam coming out of the region is most likely the result of a newly activated botnet running off computers in Asia.

TRACE reckons that, globally, Internet users now receive eight spam messages for every 10 emails they receive in their inbox.

"Approximately 85 per cent of all emails received are spam. If the current increases in spam volumes continue in 2007, users can expect at least 90 per cent of all emails received to be spam by the end of the year," said Anstis.

This spam problem is getting more than a bit ridiculous...