Download Data Arpu Doubles As Orange Strategy Puts A Premium On The User Experience

Following the development of 'Orange Downloads' - a branded On-Device Portal (ODP) application developed for Orange by SurfKitchen, Orange has seen a near doubling of download data ARPU from Signature devices featuring Orange Downloads. The application was developed as part of Orange's Signature device strategy which aims to offer customers a simple and seamless experience with 'one click' access to services. Orange Downloads was launched at the end of 2005 in the UK and France and offers customers easy access to the top mobile content (ringtones, pictures and games).

Orange World, Orange's mobile portal, revenues have increased by more than 30% as users are more comfortable accessing and downloading mobile content through the 'Orange Downloads' application. There was a similar rise in repeat usage, with more than 30% increase in the number of first time users returning to both Orange Downloads and Orange World to access the service and make further purchases.

Matthias Hilpert, Director Device Strategy and Product Marketing, comments: "With our Signature device strategy we work hard to make the best phones in the market even better. The success of Orange Downloads as a key part of Orange's Signature offer not only demonstrates that our approach works it also shows the value of continuing to deliver a customer experience and service which people have come to expect from Orange"

Using SurfKitchen's ODP technology, Orange Downloads allows users to get fresh content from the Orange World portal from regular over the air updates. Users get an easily discoverable, engaging mobile application offering direct access to content and links to portal pages for further downloads.

"While other operators have struggled to solve the challenge of engaging users with data services, Orange has shown itself to be way ahead of the game," says Michel Quazza, CEO of SurfKitchen. "Orange's back to basics approach of simplifying access to content has clearly paid dividends, proving less is more when it comes to generating confidence in customers using data services and purchasing content."

Orange Downloads has been pre-installed on more than one million devices across 20 different handset models for Orange France and 17 models for Orange UK.

The success of the initial service has led to further rollouts to Orange Spain, Orange Netherlands and Orange Poland with a further seven phones being added including the W880i from Sony Ericsson, Motorola's V6 Maxx, V3xx and L7e and Nokia's 5200 and 6086. Orange Downloads - available for Java, Symbian and Microsoft mobile devices - is also available for selected Samsung, LG and BenQ handsets.

Adds Quazza: "Such is the success of our initial deployments, we are working with Orange on phase two of the project, adding more features and services and looking at new ideas for data applications that will appeal to Orange's customers."