US spamster firm hit with $200,000-plus damages claim

Verizon, the US cellular cousin of Vodafone, is around $200,000 the richer this week after winning a court case against Specialized Programming and Marketing, a company that sends out SMSs (text messages) to US mobile phone users.

Verizon has secured an injunction against the firm, which was alleged to have sent almost 100,000 spam SMS messages to the carrier's customers.

Verizon filed a law suit against Specialized Programming and Marketing and its owner, Charles Henderson, who sent the spam messages offering a prize cruise in the Bahamas on behalf of Passport Holidays.

In court, Henderson and his company were found to have violated the US Federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act and are required to pay damages in excess of $200,000.

Passport Holidays, meanwhile, was required to pay $10,000 in damages to Verizon Wireless in a separate judgement last year.

The case is interesting, as, although the US digital cellular market is younger than the one here in the UK, US legislation protects mobile punters over there from being spammed.

No such luck on SMS spam here in the UK.

Unless you could the activities of Oftel and ICSTIS as `protection...'