Spam - going higher and higher

Following on from Marshal's TRACE team's analysis of earlier in the week that spam is rising ever higher comes a report from SoftScan, which says it has categorised 90.3 per cent of email passing through its servers during February as spam.

That's the highest level it has ever recorded, the managed email security specialist claims.

Interestingly, SoftScan says that spam levels dipped in January, but came back with a vengeance during February.

The highest levels were seen at the weekend when there is less legitimate email and on one Sunday spam reached a record breaking 96.22 per cent.

"Even on a good day when spam levels are comparatively low, the trend overall is continually creeping upwards, which is not good news for email users," said Phil Watts, the firm's managing director.

"Without harsher sentencing and greater fines, there is little incentive for the majority of spammers to cease their operations," he said.

"Although we saw the conviction of Jeffrey Goodin earlier this month, his possible, but unlikely, sentence of 101 years in prison is only because he was also convicted of fraud," he added...