Cellular phone engineer fined for file-sharing

Interesting to read about a mobile phone engineer who has been fined and ordered to pay costs plus damages amounting to around £3,400 in connection over file-sharing a package worth about 35 quid.

According to a Computer Weekly report, the engineer was contacted twice about his illegal (h)activities and asked to settle - for an unspecified amount of dosh - as well as pay a licence fee and contribute to the costs involved.

No figures are noted, but I'd guess that the potential bill came to a few hundred quid.

What I find more than a bit worrying is the note that the Federation Against Software Theft was granted access to "confidential customer details" with various Internet service providers.

This suggests that FAST has been quietly sifting through ISP records and firing off letters.

It's possible that several hundred or even thousands of these letters have been fired off and settlement obtained, since punters have to sign an agreement not to commit the offence again - and not to talk to the press about what has happened.

It's all swept neatly under the carpet...