Groundwork Open Source works with Unisys to launch solution in UK

Unisys has successfully integrated GroundWork Monitor Professional into the company’s Unisys OASIS open source framework and is providing the solution to customers in the UK. GroundWork Open Source, which deliveres open source systems and network management software, recently announced a global OEM deal with Unisys to allow it to offer GroundWork Monitor Professional as a new component of the Unisys Open and Secure Integrated Solutions (OASIS) framework.

The Unisys OASIS framework is a fully-integrated, certified set of open source software suites targeted specifically for enterprise-class computing based on open standards and fully supported through Unisys global services and vertical-industry solutions capabilities.

"The level of open source integration that Unisys has been able to achieve with OASIS is impressive," said Ranga Rangachari, CEO of GroundWork Open Source. "The reach and expertise that Unisys has will continue to propel the mainstream adoption of open source systems and network management, and we are pleased to be a part of this movement."

GroundWork Monitor Professional enables centralised monitoring of the entire IT infrastructure, including Linux, Unix, and Windows servers, applications, databases, and network equipment. GroundWork Monitor Professional allows for analysis of the total IT environment at the enterprise level through features that include performance graphs, executive-level dashboards, and SLA business reports, all at a fraction of the cost of competing IT infrastructure and network monitoring solutions.

"With their roots in open standards and the economic fundamentals of open source, operations management tools that build on quality open source projects are providing a cost effective, flexible, and highly configurable alternative for infrastructure monitoring," said Ali Shadman, Vice President, Open Source Solutions, Systems & Technology, Unisys. "The integration of GroundWork Monitor Professional into the Unisys OASIS suites puts Unisys in a singular position to offer the functionality enterprises demand in an attractive cost savings model with the backing of a mission-critical provider of a full range of open source offerings."

Hundreds of customers already use GroundWork Monitor Professional to monitor their IT infrastructures, taking advantage of the latest open source innovations in a framework architected specifically for mid-market and enterprise line-of-business organisations.