Amanda Backup Software gets a management console

Zmanda launched a new version of its Amanda Enterprise Edition, including pioneering new functionality that simplifies and accelerates the installation and management of Amanda backup and recovery software.

Amanda Enterprise Edition now comes with the Zmanda Management Console (ZMC), a new Web-based service that provides the first management and visualization tools for Amanda. ZMC offers rich and innovative installation, configuration, backup and reporting tools to greatly simplify the management of Amanda backups. Amanda Enterprise also includes a new Amanda rapid installer, which provides easy and automatic installation of a complete Amanda solution (Amanda server, Amanda client, all ZMC components) in minutes.

With ZMC and the Amanda rapid installer, mainstream users in the enterprise can easily benefit from the affordable, powerful open source Amanda Enterprise software for critical corporate data backup and recovery.

"Amanda Enterprise provides businesses with a proven, robust backup and recovery solution for a fraction of the cost of current proprietary technologies," said Chander Kant, CEO at Zmanda. "The storage market is one of many technology sectors that is being impacted by the disruptive forces of open source. The availability of the management and visualization tools in ZMC and the Amanda rapid installer will make it that much easier for organizations to meet their backup and recovery needs with affordable open source software."

Initially developed in 1991, the Amanda backup and recovery software has been battle-tested and proven by the open source community for well over a decade. Now in all major Linux distributions, Amanda is estimated to protect more than 500,000 systems around the world. While Amanda is in widespread use, easy-to-use management tools have been a long-standing request by the Amanda community. In fact, in a recent survey of Amanda users, nearly one-half of the respondents cited usability improvements such as a graphical user interface as the most desired features for Amanda.

"Amanda has been widely deployed, especially in the academic and scientific communities, and its success is testament to the strength of the Amanda technology and of the open source community," said Arun Taneja, founder of the Taneja Group. "Zmanda's new visual tools and rapid installer make Amanda accessible to a much broader range of users, and I expect this will accelerate the adoption of Amanda Enterprise among businesses that require ease-of-use along with premium backup software and support."

ZMC Extends Open Source Benefits for Enterprise Users Amanda Enterprise with ZMC is available as a paid subscription to the Zmanda Network, a service that offers everything businesses need to successfully deploy low cost, enterprise-grade backup solutions. Through tight integration with the Zmanda Network, ZMC provides administrators with access to the collective knowledge and experiences of the Amanda open source community. ZMC seamlessly taps the real-world experiences of thousands of Amanda implementations worldwide to give users dynamic, context-aware help and documentation.