Mobile Media Center Launches to Allow Full Mobile Phone Access to All PC Content

24access, a provider of solutions that enable a two way connection between a PC and a mobile device, today announced the launch of Mobile Media Center. Mobile Media Center is a totally new product that for the first time allows consumers to access all the content stored on their PC through their mobile phone. MMC is available immediately for consumers to download for free from this website.

Mobile Media Center has been designed and created to allow consumers the opportunity to access content from any mobile handset through any provider. Now saved content such as photos, music and films can be viewed, listened to and watched using a mobile phone.

Streaming content can also be accessed directly through mobile phones by using Mobile Media Center. Consumers can access webcams, live radio and television on their mobile phone via their PC.

Not only is personal access of content available, users can also benefit from the unique sharing functionality and share the content with friends and family.

"For the first time people have the ability to regain control over when, how and where they enjoy their own content," said Arjan Dost, CEO of 24access. "Consumers no longer have to be content with the walled garden approach to content that is taken by many of the major operators. Files that have been accessed and downloaded using a broadband connection at home are now instantly available to the consumers' mobile phone."

Mobile Media Center offers an additional channel to market for content publishers and allows them to potentially increase advertising revenues.

Consumers that are not in front of their PC can now be targeted by compelling content as they can now access it through their mobile phone.