Mobile TV gets upgrade

SurfKitchen launched its new streaming TV client, SurfKit Stream at 3GSM. The fully interactive on-device client has been specifically developed to provide a simple user experience for viewing TV on mobile devices. For mobile operators, streaming TV content is a highly viable and attractive method of generating significant data revenue, however, services must be easy to use in order to make them compelling to consumers. SurfKitchen has utilised its well established on-device client experience to answer this need.

The client provides a fully branded interface on the mobile device, with intuitive graphical menus to enable quick & simple access to electronic programme guides and channel switching between streaming content. SurfKit Stream is available as a stand-alone product or can be bundled with SurfKitchen's existing product portfolio to provide a complete mobile on-device experience.

"Streaming TV to mobile devices offers enormous potential to operators," comments Dave Evans, SurfKitchen's CTO. "However, as with all mobile data services, the quality of the user experience will be crucial in determining uptake. Users will quickly give up on Mobile TV if they find it difficult to discover and access the content they are interested in. The key to success will be providing a Mobile TV experience that is simplicity itself; i.e. familiar to consumers and easy to use, SurfKit Stream delivers that."

SurfKit Stream integrates with other SurfKitchen clients allowing operators to offer a wider choice of value-added content services. SurfKit Downloads can be used to enable simple previewing and purchase of content such as TV programme-related downloads, while SurfKit Portal provides quick access to news and gossip around TV shows and personalities.