Google's Phone coming really soon now

So Google looks set to release a Google Phone (Switch or whatever name it will get - Gphone is already taken, sorry...). Simeon Simeonov's "knowledgeable" deep throat leaked some precious information which sheds more light on Google's next big thing.

(1) It is going to be a Blackberry-like, thin and slim device - everybody seems to be gunning for Blackberry.

(2) C++ core w/ OS bootstrap - Simeon thinks that it might be some Linux version. This makes sense since Linux is highly customisable and a growing number of smartphones are using Linux as their operating system.

(3) Optimized Java running on the C++ core

(4) A Vector-based graphics engine

(5) VoIP based services amongst others - A slimmed down version of Google Talk will do the job perfectly

(6) There's also the mention of a built-in GPS based on Google Maps.

Simeonov also mentions that around 100 people are working on the Google Phone; that number would probably put Google Phone into the same category as Gmail.

A slightly blurred picture of what appears to be a Google Phone prototype was published by Engadget back in January. Apart from the distant ressemblance to Apple's product, one thing that separates Google Phone from it is the much slimmer body. The iPhone comes with a 3.5-in screen (53x78mm) and its dimensions are 115x61x11.6mm. Based on Engadget's pics and assuming that the screen dimensions are the same, a guesstimate would put the iPhone's dimension at around 65x90x9mm - roughly the size of an A4 sheet, folded in 8 - that's tiny. By comparison, the popular Nokia N73 phone is longer and thicker, with a much smaller screen - 2.4-inch.

Engadget also mentions that the Google Phone will be devoid of any storage - which is a tad weird, given that there should be some kind of storage buffer, just to store in data if the phone network is not available.

Google is leaning heavily on mobile phone providers to allocate bandwidth and capacity. Google is most certainly forcing their hands; the mobile phone providers can either swallow the bitter pill; Allow Google to use them as a medium (or as Simeon puts it, Dumb Pipe) and grab a share of their ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) while pitting them one against another - or face some serious trouble if Google's venture is successful.

Google has already partnerships with most UK big mobile phone providers, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Three, and Orange - Only O2 is out of the picture for the time being.

Rather than competing against Blackberry, I am pretty sure that Google Phone will target the iPhone and any Microsoft-based "mediaphones". That said, Google's advantage is that it will certainly be cheaper than the iPhone and will concentrate, just like Google's search engine, on the basics. Hence, don't expect a 2-megapixel camera but do expect a larger, beefier version of the Google Phone to be

While the Google iPhone doesn't have a proper physical keyboard on the front - like any phones - it would be a feasible idea if Google could implement a 12-button keypad like on the Haier P5 pen phones but on-a-single-line.

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