British ATM trio nabbed in India

A trio of British nationals were arrested in Gujarat, India, over the weekend, on charges of alleged ATM cheating and forgery.

During a raid on what police describe as a `posh hotel,' investigators seized around 200 fake bank credit and debit cards, as well as a portable card encoding machine from a rubbish bin outside their room.

According to Indian newswire reports, the three college students are in their early 20s and arrived in India in late February.

Police say they had been visiting the ATM centres of various banks to withdraw money from the accounts of UK nationals.

Newswire reports say that, by the time that Ketan Shah, Faizul Khan, and Peter Deighan were arrested on Saturday they had withdrawn the Indian equivalent of 2,500 UK quidlets using forged cards.

The fraud apparently came to light when a local HSBC bank manager complained to police about some `unusual' cards found in the bank ATM machines....