BT releases Mobile VoIP handsets

BT announced that it will offer UK customers Mobile VoIP services on Windows Mobile 6 powered smartphones from HTC. The combination of BT’s strength in wireless broadband networks and services, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6 software and HTC’s strength in devices gives customers the power to choose how they stay connected while on the go.

Speaking on the announcement, Jerry Thompson, BT’s Chief of Applications and Devices said: “We are dedicated to providing our customers with a truly converged mobility experience. We are very excited about Windows Mobile 6 and the range of HTC devices as it will enable us to develop affordable converged services for customers over our wireless broadband and mobile networks. This is the beginning of an exciting journey for our customers as such services will allow people to stay on top of their jobs whilst away from the office.

“We are bringing together our products and services to connect people simply and seamlessly and will look to bring the benefits of Mobile VoIP services to businesses. Our vision is that our customers are able to access all their applications and information on their choice of device, using the best network available with a simple and seamless user experience. It is also consistent with our strategy of providing customers with whatever they wish, either through our own expertise or through working in partnership with world class companies – in this case Microsoft and HTC – to deliver the best possible customer experience.”

“Windows Mobile 6 offers a flexible platform for mobile communications,” said Suzan DelBene, Corporate Vice President, Mobile and Embedded Devices Division, Microsoft, ”Whether it is voice calls, text messages, instant messages, e-mails or voice calls over IP connections, Windows Mobile helps users stay connected on-the-go regardless of their mode of communication.”

Florian Seiche, Vice President of HTC Europe, said: “HTC is known for its user-driven innovation and has embraced Wi-Fi as a key connectivity component accordingly. We’re at the forefront of delivering feature rich devices which enhance the user’s experience – whether that’s for email or other multimedia applications. We look forward to working with BT and Microsoft to bring the benefits of convergence to businesses through our strong enterprise device portfolio.

As a leader in Wi-Fi, BT already provides a range of wireless products and services for customers at home, in the office and on the move. BT’s wireless services include the flagship Wi-Fi Fusion mobile service, the world’s first seamless converged fixed-mobile phone service and the iconic home and office “Hub” that allows customers to create their own wireless network.

BT has also pioneered the development and growth of wireless broadband connectivity across the UK and beyond to help realise the full potential of these new applications and devices; with almost 1 million Wireless “hubs” in homes and offices, access to over 2000 premium location BT Openzone hotspots in the UK and Ireland and over 30,000 hotspots globally. The company’s plan to build a first phase of 12 Wireless Cities by the end of March 2007 means that many of the UK’s major city centres will soon offer widespread Wi-Fi coverage.