Firms adds 3G-324M Connectivity to Multimedia Processing Platform

Dialogic Corporation ("Dialogic") announced support for the 3G-324M interface on its award-winning Dialogic Multimedia Platform (MMP) for ATCA. Dialogic MMP with 3G-324M interface enables Dialogic customers to drastically reduce the cost and footprint of their ATCA-based video solutions deployed in the 3G wireless networks compliant with 3GPP Releases 99 and 4.

With introduction of this key feature, the Dialogic MMP combines the 3G-324M gateway function with multimedia processing on a single blade.

In addition, the general-purpose Intel Architecture (IA) processor at the heart of the ATCA hardware platform now can be used to run customer applications or middleware, making it possible to create entire solutions, such as video portals, in a single ATCA slot. Previously, multiple hardware units were required to deliver a multimedia server with 3G-324M connectivity.

3G-324M support is included in Dialogic Multimedia Software Release 1.1. The feature is a software-only upgrade to the previously released Dialogic Multimedia Platform for AdvancedTCA.

Early adopters of this technology are already developing applications for 3G wireless networks. One such application is demonstrated at Dialogic booth 2.1C26 at 3GSM. "The 3G Call Continuity solution from InSerTO is a carrier grade product built on Dialogic Multimedia Platform

(MMP) for ATCA that allows operators to terminate all 3G/324M video calls, whatever the situation, be it a 3G user or a 3G user in a 2G covered area," stated Jean Philippe Mouilleron, Director of Marketing for InSerTO. InSerTO 3G Call Continuity enables operators to extend to their customers the following termination options: leave a video message, establish transparently a voice call to the called user without any need to redial, or send a Voice SMS.

The Dialogic Multimedia Platform for AdvancedTCA is the first commercially available standard-based product that combines the benefits of Host Media Processing running on the AdvancedTCA blade with intensive processing offloaded to an Advanced Mezzanine Card. This exciting product underscores Dialogic's focus on innovation while not departing from its important goal of delivering cost-effective solutions to the telecom industry.