Five years and a $250,000 fine for Trojan author

I was amazed to read last night that, after pleading guilty to charges writing and distributing a Trojan horse designed to nick Netter's user names and passwords, a 31-year-old geezer from the US has been warned he could face five years in clink.

And a fine of $250,000.

A bit steep that. I mean, suppose he'd pleaded not guilty?

Guantanamo Bay? -Ed.

Richard Honour has admitted that his Trojan affected users of the DarkMyst IRC chatroom, which is supposedly popular with online gamers around the world.

According to US newswire reports, the appropriately-named Honour sent messages to other IRC users claiming to contain URLs for online movies, when it fact it triggered a Trojan download.

Honour was subsequently arrested at his gaff in Washington following an FBI investigation that found stolen information from victims' computers and evidence that he had written the malware. He will be sentenced in early May...