Technalign, Inc. releases RC2 of Pioneer Basic Release 2

Technalign, Inc. has announced they have released Pioneer RC2 of Pioneer Basic Release 2. Release Candidate 1 that includes the latest release of Automatix2, created by the Automatix Team, additional applications such as Midnight commander and other utilities have been included as per the communities. The NVIDIA 6100 chipset issue as well as other issues have been resolved.

Dianne Ursini, CEO of Technalign, Inc. stated, "We hope the release is close to final and have included additional support for hardware as well as utilities that have been requested by our communities." Ursini adds "We are starting our extended build now to replace previous versions of our PRO series in Frontier. The Pioneer Extended addition will include additional support for Winmodems and include several thousand additional applications on the DVD for those on dialup."

Technalign is also requesting that the communities let development know whether to keep Adept or replace it with Synaptic. Currently Pioneer includes Adept and there appears to be a split with regards to which should be included in the final release.

Technalign also requests that anyone with any issues to please use the forums, or contact the community leads at

Pioneer Basic will be free to individuals, Schools, and Nonprofit organizations wanting to run a workstation, while commercial establishments will be required to purchase a copy and receive full support.