Gold'en Rant : Code Obfuscation, the next big thing

Just got back from an informal hacker convention in Manchester, at which a number of genius programmers less than half my age (yes, I am jealous) have developed a new weapon against IT security applications - code obfuscation.

Code obfuscation was originally used in the early days of programming for the PC to make it difficult for competitors to reverse engineer their products.

Modern copyright, designs and patent legislation now serves to protect software interests, so code obfuscation has died a natural in the world of business and consumer software.

The problem with code obfuscation in the hacker and cyber-crime arena is that only one type of IT security protection stops this program code in its tracks, namely pro-active behavioural analysis.

Unfortunately for consumers and small business, such analytical techniques are only found in high-end corporate IT security systems. The vendors claim that it isn't price-efficient to develop the technology for the masses.

When the first cyber-crime attacks on bank accounts using code obfuscation techniques arrive soon, I wonder if the IT security industry will be singing the same tune?