Hitachi Data Systems Supercharges High-performance NAS Platform

Marking a strategic milestone designed to ignite the high-performance computing (HPC) storage market, Hitachi Data Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. announced significant enhancements to the Hitachi High-performance NAS Platform, powered by BlueArc, further extending its lead over competing solutions. Based on performance achieved in real-world customer environments and displaying near linear scalability, the Hitachi High-performance NAS Platform now delivers more than 1 million IOPs (input-output operations per second) in the newly available 4-node cluster configuration.

Today’s news further leverages Hitachi Data Systems’ worldwide OEM agreement with BlueArc, announced in December last year, to maximize product development efforts around the delivery of sophisticated file-based storage virtualization solutions that are designed to accelerate Hitachi Data Systems’ expansion into the global high-performance computing (HPC) storage market.

Commenting on today’s announcement, John Mansfield, vice president, Product Management, for Hitachi Data Systems said, “We have taken NAS to the next level by moving to 4-node clusters and dramatically elevating the level of performance that customers can expect from Hitachi’s High-performance NAS Platform. Our unique architecture provides remarkably efficient resource consumption when clustering, relative to our competition.

The increase in performance is considerable as it reduces the costs and resources associated with storing, managing and, most importantly, accessing data. Our enhanced NAS platform is ideal for both enterprise customers who need large-scale consolidation and users in data-intensive, high-performance computing markets, such as life sciences, Internet services and entertainment, who place a higher emphasis on performance and scalability.”

"Scalability is essential to high-end storage environments," said Tony Asaro, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. "High-end NAS systems are often limited to dual node architectures and relatively small file systems. The Hitachi high-performance NAS solution can scale up to 4 nodes and to a 512 terabyte name space and has the advantage of providing high performance for all data types including transactional and streaming I/O. Hitachi is well positioned to be a dominant player in the high-end NAS market including data center and high performance computing. They are a leading storage vendor that understands what it takes to support mission-critical environments that require leading-edge performance, data protection, reliability and scalability."

Enhanced Data Protection Ideal for High-Performance Computing Environments

The ability to cluster up to 4 nodes with active/active clustering and failover not only boosts the performance of Hitachi’s High-performance NAS Platform, but also further enhances its availability and reliability, making it ideal for large enterprises focused on consolidation and companies requiring intensive file processing. The new High-performance NAS Platform reduces processing cycle times, increases the number of simultaneous users, thereby expanding information sharing and collaboration, and enables seamless scaling of workloads and capacity. These enhanced data protection capabilities make the Hitachi High-performance NAS Platform tailor-made for protecting the highly valuable data produced and processed in high-performance computing environments.

In addition to doubling the performance of its High-performance NAS Platform, Hitachi will now offer a maximum of 32 Virtual Servers per single node or cluster, a new Cluster Read Caching feature and a new FSX Module. The Cluster Read Caching feature enables customers in data-intensive verticals to accelerate performance in NFS environments. The FSX module more than doubles CIFS performance, making it an ideal solution for customers in Microsoft Windows-intensive environments.