PixSense and Roamware Showcase 'One Click' Media Management and Mobile Connectivity

Global roaming and mobile connectivity expert Roamware and PixSense, provider of instant media management tools for mobile users, were jointly showcasing their solutions a few week ago. "Personal photo and video creation and management should be a seamless experience for mobile users, enabling them to create, manipulate and send images and video without any hassle.

PixSense provides the technology to make this a reality for operator networks," said PixSense CEO Faraz Hoodbhoy. "Coming onboard with Roamware gives us the potential to bring our cutting edge instant media management tools and revenue generation opportunities to hundreds of operators worldwide."

"Current technologies deployed by most operators limit the size of files that can be uploaded, making it unfeasible for users to send and share high resolution media files," Continued Hoodbhoy. "Even if an operator can allow the file to be shared in full quality, it is far too expensive to do so, unless the user has an unlimited data plan or images and video quality is reduced. PixSense removes these barriers to generate new revenue opportunities for operators, addressing all existing data users including the pre-pay market."

"An expected 227 billion camera phone photos will be taken by 2009, yet currently less than five per cent of user-generated media result in MMS messages," said Kevin Nix, Chief Marketing Officer of Roamware.

"Combining PixSense technology and the Roamware's reach to over 250 network operators will help bolster the mobile media market and increase use of MMS and other mobile content and media as the size of images and data grows in line with increasing penetration of multi-mega pixel camera phones."

PixSense offers carrier infrastructure for mobile user-generated content, enabling camera phone users to focus on taking the pictures rather than managing the content. The PixSense patent-pending technology bridges the technology barriers between camera phones, carrier networks, and personal computers.

The PixSense solution involves native camera phone client software and server-side software that work seamlessly together to give users all the functionality they want, in one click. In that "one click", PixSense users get effortless media-uploading, smart categorisation, intelligent image quality enhancement, personal publishing and sharing services, unlimited lifetime storage, and a full-featured web and phone gallery.

The Roamware ISV programme provides software innovators the opportunity to integrate new applications on Roamware's Service Delivery System

(SDS) platform - providing accelerated access to Roamware's existing installations, which now stretch to more than 250 mobile networks, across 100 countries worldwide.

By taking advantage of Roamware's global presence, and the tools and training offered by Roamware's ISV programme, vendors can substantially reduce time-to-market for new service integration and delivery. From a network operator's perspective, the ISV programme enables fast access to a wider range of accredited applications.