Smith Micro Issued Patent for Lossless Compression of Digital Images

Smith Micro Software which markets and develops a wide range of wireless software and services, announced that it was issued U.S. Patent No. 7,184,603, "System and Method for Lossless Compression of Digital Images" by the U.S Patent and Trademark Office. The '603 patent extends to a system for lossless compression of digital images and describes a method for improving image compression by applying adaptive techniques to achieve significant compression gains over currently known methods.

"Sending and receiving high resolution images is becoming ubiquitous within the wireless market. Thus, lossless image technology is very important in order to maintain the quality of the original image," said William W. Smith, Jr., Smith Micro's President and CEO. "The issuance of this patent reaffirms our strong and growing intellectual property portfolio in the wireless and imaging markets."

The company's revolutionary JPEG image compression technology, a cornerstone of the StuffIt product line, reduces the size of JPEG photos and images up to 30% with no loss in image quality. This new image compression patent continues to establish Smith Micro as a leader in the data and image compression field.