Toshiba’s Market Share for 1.8-Inch HDD’s Exceeds 75%

Research and Markets has announced the addition of Global Magnetic Storage (HDD) Industry Report, 2006-2007 to their offering.

The competition between the HDD and flash memory has begun with 0.85-inch HDD and flash memory. Currently, the largest capacity of 0.85-inch HDD is 4GB and its price is about US $60, while the price of 4GB flash memory is between US $50 (10k/unit) and US $70 (10k/unit) according to the quotation of DramXchange on Nov 2 2006. Although the HDD has the advantage in the transmission rate, it is not as good as the flash memory in price, size, anti-shake and power consumption. So it can be concluded that the future of 0.85-inch HDD is gloomy.

It is forecasted that per GB price of 1.8-inch HDD will be US $0.85 by 2010. Apparently, the 1.8-inch HDD will keep its boom until 2010.

After Seagates acquisition for Maxtor, there are just 6 main HDD manufacturers left in the world, so the competition is not as rampant as it used to be. And all the manufacturers are moving forward in their advantageous field. Seagate shows great power in the desktop field, and ranks first of the world in DVR as well as the HDD for enterprises.

Toshiba mainly focuses on 1.8-inch HDD with a market share exceeding 75%, Apple IPOD is its main client. Besides, Toshiba shares more than 80% of In-car HDD market. HGST takes the laptop as the main market, and it is absolutely advantageous with the high performance-price ratio.

As for WDC, in spite of its performance turning better, 70% of its products are still the desktop HDD, which means it has to struggle hard to compete with Seagate. Fujitsu mainly specializes in laptop market and enterprise-level market. With its server shipment topping three of the world, Fujitsu enterprise-level HDD business is promising while it has to fight with HGST in laptop market.