3ware Raid Storage System targets Untapped PC Prosumer Market

Applied Micro Circuits Corporation announced the immediate availability of its 3ware Sidecar desktop SATA II storage solution for PC, Mac Pro, and Power Mac G5 users. First released for the Apple Power Mac G5 in September, AMCC’s latest solution includes PC support for Windows™ and Linux operating systems.

“The ubiquity of digital content applications for PC and Mac prosumers has fueled demand for robust storage solutions in the mid-range PC market,” said Scott Cleland, director of marketing for AMCC Storage. “The 3ware Sidecar addresses this need by providing high-capacity, high-performance storage expansion with hardware RAID for the desktop. The 3ware Sidecar is indicative of our commitment to delivering maximum data protection to creative content providers, whether they use a PC or a Mac.”

The 3ware Sidecar is a good solution for power users requiring high performance, resilient and scalable storage. “AMCC is building upon the success of its 3ware Sidecar, formerly available only for the Mac space, to address PC prosumer market needs,” said Greg Schultz, Founder and Sr. Analyst of the StorageIO Group. “The prosumer market with a focus on rich media content has outgrown using DVDs and flash disks for data storage where protecting and accessing creative content is a high priority. With the 3ware Sidecar, AMCC is enabling the PC power user access to high performance scalable RAID capabilities traditionally found in high-end environments.”

Maximum Performance, Maximum Data Protection

In addition to broader OS support, the 3ware Sidecar now ships with a new low profile PCI Express hardware RAID controller, the 3ware 9650SE-4LPME. The upgraded controller delivers RAID 5 write and read speeds of up to 200MB per second. The 3ware 9650SE is designed to deliver unmatched performance and data protection.

Advanced RAID architecture, SATA II features, and powerful performance capabilities make the 3ware 9650SE an ideal controller for the 3ware Sidecar solution. New also with this release is support for an onboard Battery Backup Unit for up to 72 hours of additional data protection in the case of a power failure.