FaceTime puts search and retrieve functions in IM

FaceTime Communications announced new capabilities to simplify search and retrieval of real-time communications for e-Discovery, and regulatory and corporate compliance regulations.

With IMAuditor 8.5, companies can more easily and cost-effectively adhere to compliance requirements through multi-level auditing, role-based administration, and enhanced controls for electronically stored information. By partnering with major storage archiving as well as email compliance vendors, the FaceTime solution offers a significant cost savings through consolidation of logging, archiving and auditing using a single platform.

New Federal Rules of Civil Procedure that became effective on Dec. 1, 2006 require that organizations manage their data in such a way that it can be produced in a timely and complete manner when necessary during legal discovery proceedings. These new requirements, combined with governmental regulations including Sarbanes-Oxley, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and various Securities and Exchange Commission requirements, place an increased mandate for organizations to archive electronically stored information for easy production and retrieval.

"Our research shows that the majority of corporations are not aware of the business impact of the new Federal Rules for Civil Procedure," said Michael Osterman of Osterman Research. "Businesses need to take stock of how they are archiving all electronic information, including IM and Web-based chat, and put into place polices for its secure storage and retrieval. Technical solutions such as those offered by FaceTime can significantly lighten the regulatory burden and prepare companies to face legal action."

IMAuditor's new role-based administration capability provides specific access privileges and tracks the electronically stored information that each reviewer has accessed, which is crucial to the integrity of the compliance review process. An operational reviewer role can be defined to set global policies and perform extensive search and retrieval functions. This affords the ability to 'audit the auditor,' as well as insure that system administrators, compliance officers and operational auditors have access only to the information and policy setting controls relevant to their role in the compliance process. It also ensures that their access is tracked and logged. These features provide organizations full control over the auditing and retrieval process, saving time and ensuring efficient use of internal or paralegal resources.

"Top of mind for in-house legal staff and IT management today are the compliance and security dangers posed by employees using unmanaged instant messaging," said Frank Cabri, vice president of marketing for FaceTime Communications. "IMAuditor allows our customers to enable their workers with instant messaging, while managing compliance regulations and guarding against legal challenges."

In addition, only FaceTime allows both IM conversations and their associated file transfers to be scanned archived, tracked and stored for retrieval whether conducted over enterprise IM clients such as Microsoft LCS or IBM Lotus Sametime, or via federated public IM clients such as AOL AIM Pro, MSN Messenger and Yahoo! IMAuditor provides single step recording and guarantees transactional integrity when archived to email/WORM storage including EMC Centera, Symantec, HP, Zantaz, IBM/Filenet and Iron Mountain. Further, FaceTime's service provider partners offer archiving and storage in a software-as-a-service model for customers through WebEx, eVault, Sector and others.

New features in IMAuditor 8.5

- Three-hundred and sixty degree audit controls: Ability to record and audit the actions of auditors and reviewers to meet higher level of compliance requirements

- Advanced role-based administration: Facilitates segregation of roles and tasks based on the functional responsibilities of the individual

- Enterprise-grade Jabber connector: Scalable connector for Jabber that includes support for persistent chat rooms, real-time ethical boundaries, advanced controls for chat transcript recording and archival

- Notification controls for electronically stored information retention and retrieval: Email alerts and notifications to ensure records retention and facilitate ease of retrieval

- Automatic provisioning for AIM business client: Advanced controls for AIM business client for end-to-end policy enforcement and better user experience

- Enhanced chat reviewing: Compliance officers can determine when a specific user entered a chat conversation and the specific text of the previous conversation that user was able to read.

These new capabilities complement the current IMAuditor solution, which provides enhanced security and compliance including comprehensive malware protection against worms, viruses, spyware and SpIM as well as tamper-proof, non-repudiated full capture, recording, archival and auditing of all conversations and file transfers conducted over public and enterprise instant messaging.