eBay - not as secure as you might think

Rumours have been circulating for several weeks about eBay's computer systems not being as secure as they might be, so I was intrigued to read that the recent interface upgrades have resulted in some security shortcomings.

According to Firemeg, a blog site apparently dedicated to telling the truth about eBay, a Romanian hacker called Vladuz has been reportedly stomping around the system at will.

Reports suggest that Vladuz is more of a whistle blower on eBay's allegedly poor security systems than a real hacker.

However, Firemeg reports that the hacker has apparently broken into the Trust & Safety board at eBay.com and posted details of 15 eBay members, including their social security number and bank information.

Firemeg alleges that it took eBay almost an hour to delete the data, but the information was then reposted on 12 other sub-forums.

eBay is making all sorts of claims about Vladuz to the media, but the curious thing is that his administrator account - which has eBay editing privileges - is reportedly called `vladuzsgi.'

Reports quote eBay as saying the hacked account was a basic login account, but if that's true, how come it had a personalised name on it? I think eBay could say a lot more about what's going on...