Japanese insurance and tax data `accidentally' gets online

Reports from Japan suggest that personal details of around 11,000 people, including their national health, insurance and tax numbers, have been uploaded to the Net using Share, a file-sharing program.

From what I can see, Share appears to be a bit-torrent application for the Japanese market.

Reports in the Yomiuru Shimbun newspaper, meanwhile, suggest that someone within the municipal government of Kasukabe in Saitama Prefecture, used the file-sharing program and the details were uploaded to the Internet as a result.

Er, what? Whilst it's perfectly possible for someone to hack into a users' PC if they've sloppily set their bit-torrent privileges, the information isn't uploaded to the Web.

It sounds to me like a hacker has accessed the information on the 33-year-old government worker's computer, perhaps using bit-torrent, and then posted the data themselves to the Net.

Interesting case though - I suspect that the career prospects for the 33-year-old government worker will have taken a turn for the worse...