Bridgewater Systems and Apertio Announce IOT Success

Apertio, a provider of subscriber-centric networks, and Bridgewater Systems announced the successful completion of the first phase of an interoperability programme that pairs Bridgewater Systems proven AAA (Authentication Authorisation and Accounting) solution and Apertio's network directory server, and promises to deliver a comprehensive solution for GSM, CDMA, and next generation service providers.

Following the in-depth interoperability testing (IOT) programme between the Bridgewater Systems AAA Service Controller and the Apertio One-NDS (Network Directory Server), the companies will continue to work closely to develop best-of-breed complementary solutions for their global customer bases.

"Consolidating subscriber policy and profile data within a common, open repository at the heart of the network reduces complexity, and cost while significantly increasing performance and application response time," said Tyler Nelson, vice president, business development and marketing at Bridgewater Systems.

The most proven, scalable and robust solution of its kind, the Bridgewater Systems AAA Service Controller provides a high performance multi-protocol solution to support authentication, authorization and accounting functions, and control access to advanced services quickly and profitably across all access types and infrastructures including DSL, CDMA2000 1x/ EV-DO Rev.0 and A, GPRS/UMTS, Wi-Fi and WiMAX.

"Today's IOT announcement underlines the power and performance of the complementary solutions offered by both partners, and highlights the increasing demand from service providers for scaleable, interoperable solutions that maximise the value of their subscriber data," said Wallace Ascham, Partners VP at Apertio. "We look forward to working with Bridgewater to provide our global customers with the tools to support the growth and management of a wealth of current and new generation services."

The Apertio One-NDS (Network Directory Server) is a highly robust open standards directory that sits at the heart of the network to create a single, centralised subscriber repository. Apertio's suite of mobility applications, including the One-HSS and One-HLR are built on top of the One-NDS to create a real time, standards-based, open platform so fundamental in supporting services in a multi-channel, multi-device new generation environment.