Infix 2 Makes Re-Usable PDF Documents a Reality

Iceni Technology Ltd, a UK-based software developer, announces the launch of Infix 2, a major upgrade to its PDF word processor. Infix offers the valuable ability to edit text in PDF documents with the familiar ease of a word processor. Version 2 improves this further with the addition of advanced search and replace, change-tracking a full set of document assembly operations.

Bristling with new features, the software now offers a complete package of PDF manipulation tools and is an attractive alternative to the complexity and expense of Adobe Acrobat.

Highlights of the new software include advanced search & replace facilities sporting fully automated editing of text, fonts and styles throughout documents from single pages to multi-chapter volumes. This feature alone makes it economical to re-use documents that would simply have been too long to re-work manually.

The ability to open and edit multiple documents simultaneously, coupled with improved non-English font handling and rendering, should prove a boon to translators and designers alike as will the ability to cut and paste objects – text or graphics – between PDF documents.

Other innovations include control over document security, full page manipulation such as insert, delete, rotate and crop; graphics insertion including the ability to import a PDF into an existing page; sticky notes and hyperlink editing, as well as basic drawing tools.

New change-tracking facilities highlight text modified in past edit sessions as well as keeping a log of user names and dates of all previous changes.

Improvements to graphics handling include a CMYK colour picker - for designers needing colour accuracy - object alignment, grouping, hiding and locking.

Infix costs US $99 (approx. GBP £50) and is available for demo or purchase at