New Workgroup VoIP Call Recording Software for Linux Released

Arcosoft Inc., developer of VoIP call recording software, announced the release of VONaLink TeamRecord. TeamRecord works with any VoIP phone system based on the open SIP standard, such as Asterisk or Vonage, to centrally record all phone calls for a company workgroup. TeamRecord was previously available only for Windows.

Call recording benefits a company by allowing business transactions over the phone to be verified and disputes resolved. With traditional phone systems, calls are recorded with either analog equipment or expensive, proprietary products from the phone company. With the latest VoIP systems built on open, standard protocols, calls can be recorded by monitoring network packets.

TeamRecord unobtrusively accesses voice data using the port mirroring capability of a network switch. No additional software needs to be installed at each workstation. The call is recorded as a stereo WAV or MP3. An inaudible watermark can be added to the recording for later verification that the file has not been changed. Users can listen to recordings of their own calls from any web browser.

VONaLink TeamRecord runs on x86 Linux or Windows. Pricing starts at $500 USD for 5 phone licenses. Each additional phone license is $100 USD. Download evaluation from