Social surfing by youngsters poses serious risk

A report from Webroot Software suggests that young people are putting their parents at risk of online fraud and ID theft by their social Web surfing activities.

The survey - which took in responses form around 3,000 home PC users across the UK - found that young people were busy signing up for Instant Messaging accounts, downloading files and generally interacting across the Web, without being aware of the security issues.

82 per cent of teens and young adults surveyed said that they visit social networking sites on a regular basis. And, says Webroot, 92 per cent of this age group are putting themselves at risk by clicking on attachments and suspect Web site routes without thinking of the security risks involved.

It's an interesting report, but I think the parents deserve a good kick in the pants for failing to secure their kid's PCs in the first place.

Anyway, Peter Watkins, Webroot's CEO, makes all the right noises in his press release. I doubt, however, that the problem is going to go away very quickly, as it's more of a general IT security education issue than anything...