Roamware Dials Up The Future Of Mobile Content Sharing With Media Call

Roamware announced the introduction of Roamware Media Call, a revolutionary media personalization and distribution service which aims to make sharing media by mobile phone as easy as making a phone call. The new service, set for launch in the second quarter of 2007, allows consumers to personalize their calling experience by sharing video, music, and other media content with each other before, during and after a mobile call.

Roamware Media Call adds an entirely new media element to the mobile user experience, providing the freedom to communicate favorite songs, blogs, video and pictures in addition to making a standard voice call.

A Roamware Media Call user can send a range of new content including a personalized "Caller ID" experience to the receiving party. This can include elements such as a blog incorporating a ringtone or music track and other rich visual media which is played on the receiving party's handset when the call is made. During the call, collaborative communication enables users to share media 'back-and-forth' with one another. After the call ends, the receiving party has the ability to download or purchase new content shared by the caller through Media Call's mobile commerce portal.

"Media Call will revolutionize mobile communication in much the same way that the internet changed computing; turning the traditional mobile phone call into a two-way multimedia communication experience," said Roamware CEO, Bobby Srinivasan. "The service offers exciting new revenue streams for operators and content providers, enabling new methods of advertising, mobile commerce and content monetization."

"This new service places Bollywood in the palm of your hand," said leading Bollywood film director Sanjay Gupta. "I'm excited about the new ways Media Call allows us to reach our fans around the world, anytime, anywhere."

Media Call is designed to enable a number of new, flexible revenue streams for mobile operators - from paid content and subscription revenue with increased data and voice usage, to promotional and advertising revenue models. Given the content-rich nature of Media Call, combined with its ease-of-use and close relationship to regular phone calls, the service has an opportunity to unleash the potential of the world's new mobile audience for content consumption and create a new platform for "viral marketing" of video and music.

Leveraging its existing customer base of over 250 operator partners in over 100 countries, Roamware plans on aggressively launching its Media Call to the global market over the next six months.