Alky project alpha release of game conversion software for Linux

Falling Leaf Systems, LLC announced the availability of the initial alpha release of their Alky converter software for Linux. While only eight months old, the Alky converter can already convert the Windows Prey Demo to run natively on most modern distributions.

This announcement comes on the heels of their alpha release for Intel Mac's two months ago. Currently, one can only access the demos for Mac and Linux by signing up for the "Sapling Program". The Sapling Program requires a one-time $50 membership fee which entitles members to freely access all converter software released by the company from this point forward. Individual game converters are expected to be sold at $10-20.

Given the price tag associated with access to what currently comprises only a mere demo, and the closed source nature of the one time open project, some users have quickly labeled the product as "vaporware", while others have accused the company of ripping off code from the open source project Wine.

When questioned about the Sapling Program and the public's initial reaction to it, CEO Brian Thomason stated, "When we initially launched our Sapling Program on Chistmas Eve for the Mac community, we were mostly greeted with kind regards. However, the Linux community has been stung before by certain projects who have promised the world and either never delivered or simply attempted to rip off another open source project and pass it off as their own.

I myself have been using Linux for years now and would probably have hesitations myself if presented with such news. The truth is though, while certainly a far more immature offering than Wine at this point, Alky is very real and has made great strides in only a few short months. We hope users will come take a peek inside by joining our Sapling Program; for a nominal fee, users can obtain a lifetime pass to all of our future game conversion kits."