As the US dithers, Canada and Mexico ready for Chip & PIN

Whilst card issuers in the US remain firmly against Chip & PIN, Canada and Mexico have announced plans to phase in the technology on their cards over the next three to four years.

Regular readers of this column will be aware of my own views on the security shortcomings of Chip and SPIN sorry, PIN and how the banks are abrogating their responsibilities in this regard, but the bottom line is, if implemented properly, Chip & PIN could work.

But it isn't. Anyway, I digress. It seems that Canada and Mexico will phase in Chip and PIN and, quietly likely, make the technology mandatory for retailers by the start of the next decade.

As a result, I predict that, it's not a matter of if, but more a matter of when, the US will follow them down the Chip & PIN path - for the simple reason that, once its northern and southern neighbours are Chip & PIN compliant, card fraud criminals will migrate to the US.

Thankfully, however, US consumer legislation is set up so that the pathetic responsibility shuffles that the UK banks try to get away with when a customer gets hit by card fraud, could not happen in the US or Canada. Or could it...?