Free Calls from Nokia Phones to USA landline and mobiles for Barablu users

Nokia phone owners can make free calls to USA landlines and mobiles until March 31 though free calls provider barablu. Barablu already offers free calls on a mobile, PC or PDA between barablu users, who have downloaded the barablu application from Now barablu is extending free calls to anyone calling a USA landline or mobile in a special promotion.

Calls to the United States from the UK would normally cost 14.99p a minute from a BT landline or up to £1.20 a minute through a traditional mobile operator.* barablu provides free calls between barablu users who are online whether at the end of a PC or via a Wi-Fi enabled phone. Barablu Out extends to traditional landlines and mobiles and offers rates around the World for as little as $0.01 a minute.

Nokia phones able to take advantage of the barablu service are Nokia E60, E61, E62, E70, N80, N91, N92, N93, N95.

"We are providing a fantastic opportunity for Nokia phone owners to save money calling family, friends or business colleagues in the USA. This is a genuine free offer, and we are always delighted to be able to give something of real value to barablu users.

"We are demonstrating what this facility is capable of. People can have the latest developments that Wi-Fi phones can give them and also reduce the cost of calls," said Marius O'Reilly, CMO.

The service is available through a free download via the barablu website. The software is sent to the mobile phone via a FREE SMS and automatically configures onto the phone in a simple operation which takes less than a minute. Barablu is a start up company based in Docklands in London.


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