Next Gen communication services pass tests

Apertio and BEA Systems announced the successful completion of a comprehensive interoperability testing program between Apertio's One-HSS (Home Subscriber Server), and BEA WebLogic® SIP Server. The program is designed to guarantee rapid integration of these critical components to help enable the delivery of new generation IP-based communication services.

The combination of the market's leading HSS and SIP-IMS application server creates a powerful, subscriber-centric proposition for today's communications service providers building an open, flexible and scalable platform designed to help rapidly and cost effectively deliver IMS and next-generation converged services to end users.

"The BEA and Apertio technology partnership is built on our shared vision of creating open, customer-centric converged IT-telecom networks, enabling network operators to deploy a flexible, powerful, and cost-effective IMS-NGN Services Layer which can help to maximise their technology investments and enhance revenue opportunities," said Mike McHugh, vice president and general manager, BEA WebLogic Communications Platform, BEA Systems.

BEA WebLogic SIP Server is a high-performance, highly available, converged Java EE-SIP-IMS application server which is designed to provide an integrated SIP Servlet and HTTP Servlet container to help enable rapid development and delivery of next-generation, converged, multimedia communication services. BEA WebLogic SIP Server is the converged IT-IMS service logic creation and execution component of the BEA WebLogic Communications Platform product family.

"Apertio is committed to developing a fully interoperable ecosystem of next- generation infrastructure solutions from best-of-breed vendors, and today's announcement is a significant development in this strategy," said Wallace Ascham, Partners VP at Apertio. "We are working alongside BEA to deliver the business benefits of our new integrated solution to major service providers across the world."

Apertio's One-HSS is a single, Home Subscriber Server that is designed to deliver a centralized repository of all subscriber, service and network data to allow mobile, fixed and converged operators to support full mobility for IMS, UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access), and other next generation IP services.