First 3G-enabled ADSL2+ wireless router, IPTV fibre Gateway, and Enterprise IPSec/SSL VPN appear

Billion Electric Co., Ltd., a major international network communications equipment manufacturer, is showcasing its latest communications and network products at CeBIT 2007 in Germany including:

BiPAC 7300GX – Billion is first to market with an ADSL2+ wireless router with 3G back-up

BiPAC 8600SM – high speed IPTV Gateway / VDSL V2oIP router for fibre

BiGuard S60 SSL VPN – enterprise hybrid IPSec/SSL VPN appliance

Central Management System – centralises network changes for BiGuard SSL VPNs

BiPAC 7300GX

Billion is first to market with its new wireless BiPAC 7300GX (3G/HSPDA ADSL2+ router) which offers dual interface for ADSL2+ or 3G connection. It is an all-in-one, compact ADSL2+ router for Small Office / Home Office users who want to enjoy all the benefits of faster 3G data transmission speeds as a back-up. Providing extra peace of mind for small offices, if the Internet connection goes down it can be switched to GSM. In a similar way that 3G cards are available for laptops (eg from Vodafone, 3 and Orange etc), this adds all the functionality and security of a router which is important for small businesses. The device includes a Cardbus slot for inserting a 3G/HSDPA PC Card to access mobile networks up to 14.4Mbps, as well as an 802.11g Wireless Access Point.

BiPAC 8600SM

“V2oIP Digital Home” represents a series of IPTV gateways that enable “voice” and “video” services over the Internet at home. These gateways include the new BiPAC 8600SM (VDSL2 Modem) and FTTx technology for VoIP, video, and broadband Internet access.

Billion is early to market with its high speed VDSL fibre V2oIP router. They are ideal for new-builds and college campuses installing fibre networks as well as fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) initiatives. Given the growth of FTTH in mainland Europe - a recent report puts the number at over one million (source: Informa Telecoms and Media) - and trials over here, the UK looks likely to start roll it out to homes in the next few years.

In response to the growing demand for service providers to deliver higher quality video content and Triple Play applications over the Internet, Billion has developed a wide range of IPTV compatible products with advanced software features. This product series features IGMP Proxy/Snooping functions, a QoS mechanism, VLAN and ADSL PVC LAN/WAN network configurations to ensure excellent video quality and smooth transmission.

VDSL2 (Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line 2) is the next generation of DSL technology. With accelerated data rates, VDSL2 delivers high transfer speeds for bandwidth-consuming applications, like voice, video-on-demand, and IPTV services. Billion’s BiPAC 8600SM has integrated VDSL2 technology to provide an impressively large bandwidth for users who want to realize their dream of a digital home or achieve their vision of improved office productivity. It supports asymmetric modes up to 100Mbps for downstream and 45Mbps for upstream speeds.

BiGuard S60

Billion provides the most extensive range of SSL VPN for small and medium-sized businesses in the UK. The company is now unveiling a new enterprise hybrid IPSec/SSL VPN appliance, BiGuard S60 (Dual-WAN SSL/IPSec VPN Gateway), which provides at least 60x SSL and 60x IPSec VPN tunnels concurrently. Aimed at the 250+ employee enterprise market, the BiGuard S60 is highly scalable, using a modular design to allow for the purchase of additional IPSec and SSL VPN tunnels and advanced features as and when they are needed.


The BiGuard security series makes it possible for service vendors to deliver the critical networking security solutions required at all times by small offices and SMBs with limited MIS resources in today’s increasingly interconnected digital world. The client-server- architecture BiGuard CMS series enables service providers, that utilize system integration or a total network solutions, to manage their end-customers’ network devices remotely via a web-based interface. This management software equips service providers with remote configuration capabilities, such as data backup and restoration, and firmware upgrading, enabling them to centrally administer multiple customer devices either on demand or on a pre-defined schedule. The log function in the BiGuard CMS allows administrators to continuously record and track device usage.

CMS is ideal for medium enterprises - for example, a company with 20 branch offices with 25 employees in each will require an SSL VPN unit in each branch. Therefore changes over the network would require each box to be physically accessed – however, using CMS, these changes, including firmware upgrades, can be carried out remotely from head office.