Indian hacker marooned in Japanese jail

An alleged Indian hacker is reported to have been arrested and placed in a Tokyo jail regarding a hacker attack on a someone in Hawaii.

(You couldn't make this up -Ed)

Because of the complexity of the case, even though Rajdutta Patkar's (the alleged hacker) mum has asked the Indian government to intervene, it has said it cannot because of the international nature of the alleged crime.

According to Indian newswire reports, Patkar is a software professional with an Indian passport. In late 2004, a US businessman based in Hawaii discovered that his e-mail account had been hacked and "vital text and image documents" had been accessed by a hacker.

Investigators later tracked down the IP address to a computer used by Patkar and arrested him, charging him in the US courts.

Which prompted the main man to go on the run. The authorities later arrested him in Japan last June, where he is being held in a local detention centre.

The US wants him tried in Hawaii or, failing that, on US soil, but his mum wants to case to be heard in India.

In making their ruling, the Indian courts said that the fact that Patkar is a wanted fugitive in the US has a lot to do with the fact it will not extradite the case to be heard in India.

The moral of the story? If you get arrested in the US, don't go on the run, otherwise you're knackered...