Tatara Systems and 3Way Networks Partner to launch All-IP Based Femtocell Solution

Tatara Systems and 3Way Networks announced a partnership to jointly market and collaborate on an all-IP based femtocell convergence solution for mobile operators. The solution, comprised of Tatara's Mobile Services Convergence PortfolioTM and 3Way's Home Base Station, will address the critical areas of voice and messaging convergence, security, and enhanced services.

"Tatara and 3Way share the same vision that the all-IP approach provides true femtocell convergence for mobile operators," stated Simon Albury Managing Director of 3Way Networks. "We are pleased to find a partner that complements 3Way Networks enabling a complete all-IP solution to our customers. We are looking forward to working together on a number of operator pilot deployments in the coming months."

The key to mass-market adoption of the all-IP femtocell architecture is the interface between the femtocell and the core network. Tatara and 3Way have agreed to jointly market and collaborate on an all-IP solution including interoperability of Tatara's femtocell-focused FMC application server (the Tatara Convergence Server) and Tatara's 3GPP/2 AAA Server (the Tatara Subscriber Gateway) with 3Way's 3G access point (the 3Way Home Base Station).

"Core network integration issues are critical for any operator considering a femtocell launch," noted Peter Jarich, Principal Analyst with Current Analysis. "An all-IP architecture like the 3Way and Tatara offering makes a great deal of sense for service providers, particularly given the moves to IMS in the core."

"The market has declared femtocell to be the most promising FMC strategy for mobile operators" stated Steve Nicolle, President and CEO of Tatara Systems. "We are thrilled to be working with 3Way, a recognized leader in femtocell product development, to ensure an end-to-end solution that delivers on that promise."