Canadian's PINs lifted using Bluetooth-enabled PINpads

So you still think Chip and PIN is safe? I don't think so - a tech-savvy team of fraudsters are reported to have hit a Wendy's restaurant in Edmonton, Canada, last month using two modified Chip & PIN PINpads.

The PINpads were reportedly Bluetooth-enhanced, allowing the fraudsters to fraudulently receive the swipe card data of the cards, together with the PINs entered on the keypad.

According to local police, more than 400 debit cardholders had their account and PIN details extracted during February, although the numbers involved may be even higher.

The scam came to light when a large fraud spend was spotted in Montreal on one of the cardholders accounts, resulting in the Canadian banks' anti-fraud investigation team being alerted.

"All of a sudden hundreds of Alberta debit cards were being used in Quebec," said a police spokesperson, adding that one person has been arrested in connection with the fraud, although he is not thought to be one of the masterminds.

Police say that Wendy's staff were not involved in the fraud, adding the restaurant may have been targeted because it is in a busy area, near to both the university and the University hospital.

What a mess. The moral of the story here is that it CAN so easily happen in the UK, and then you'd have to face the trial of the UK card issuers bleating that their system is foolproof.

Mark my words, this case marks a serious turning point in card fraud...