Harmonys Improve Mobile Internet QoE

Flash Networks, provider of mobile Internet quality-of-experience (QoE) solutions, announced the launch of its Harmony mobile Internet platform and services. Harmony provides a variety of 'plug-in' services designed to create a fast, safe, adaptive and personalized user experience while harmonizing network infrastructure for lower capital and operating expenses.

Harmony also enables operators to increase their revenue streams by enabling them to set up sophisticated new services such as mobile advertising, based on detailed information about subscriber behavior and preferences.

With the availability of advanced handsets and high speed networks, the ground is set for the wide adoption of the mobile Internet. However until now, consumers' actual quality of experience has been a barrier to success. Harmony resolves these issues and can be tailored to specific operator requirements with a variety of 'plug-in' services:

* Mobile Internet acceleration enabling end users to enjoy a fast and consistent browsing and download experience.

* Content and video adaptation providing users the freedom to browse rich and diverse Internet-based content using their mobile phone.

* Portal Booster providing immediate downloads of content from operator-branded portals based on a predictive-browsing algorithm.

* Content control services enabling operators to provide safe browsing by preventing certain user segments from accessing sites with inappropriate content.

* User Insight enabling personalization of Harmony QoE and third party services through detailed information about user profiles and behavior, device capabilities, network bearers and more.

* Open platform allowing adding additional best-in-class services.

"Strategy Analytics forecasts mobile Internet penetration to exceed 400 million users by 2010", said Nitesh Patel, Senior Analyst from Strategy Analytics. "However, in order for mobile Internet adoption to take off, operators need to tackle issues around the quality of experience."

Liam Galin, CEO of Flash Networks, commented: "Harmony brings mobile Internet mass adoption a step closer by providing an intelligent, advanced and complete solution which lays the foundation for improving user quality of experience."