IT industry ‘click to it’ with new online service

Selling online is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and yet fewer than 8% of UK small to medium sized companies (SMEs) are currently profiting from the web, according to research. To ensure that the SMEs in the IT industry no longer misses out on a slice of the pie, iSold It has launched a dynamic new Business Service function set to revolutionise online sales for UK IT businesses.

iSold It is offering a unique service to get businesses selling IT products, such as computers, printers, software parts and accessories making real money through the Internet, without the hassle. Using their unique cutting edge software, which will help develop a bespoke online strategy, iSold It can:

· Facilitate selling IT goods on eBay and other online shopping and market place sites

· Manage customers current online sales activity by maximising product visibility

· Design eBay store and page templates to increase sales and attract customers

· Create online auction stores so businesses can build brand and drive sales

· Offer an expert online trading consultancy function

Phillip Molloy, Chief Executive, iSold It comments: “Our Business Services operation is a great way for IT businesses selling goods and wanting to test online sales, without having to invest in extra man power and time, plus it couldn’t be simpler. When it comes to specific areas of expertise such as online trading, it makes sense to seek the advice of a specialist online business such as iSold It.”

As well as using iSold It as a channel to sell new IT stock, iSold It Business Services is an effective method to distribute excess, unwanted or returned stock - invariably a headache for all businesses. iSold It can generate higher returns than traditional stock clearance methods, and also prevent the build up of obsolete stock taking up space in the warehouse.

For those who already have an online sales presence, iSold It Business Services can help to maximise opportunities for businesses, by examining customers current online strategies. iSold It works with them to develop further online sales channels that increases traffic and helps them reach an online marketplace of over a billion customers globally, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

And it’s not just through eBay. “Key to the Business Services function is that we offer businesses to sell beyond eBay, which accounts for just 42% of the online auction site market. To ensure that we reach the biggest possible audience and secure the best price for IT goods, we auction on all the major online auction sites – in fact 95% of the sites available.” Phillip adds.

The online consultancy service also provides advice in designing bespoke templates for product listings as well as templates for both eBay and merchant stores. This will improve businesses listing capabilities to maximise their online sales potential.

“The Business Services function provides a bespoke service for each customer plus iSold It only charge a fee based on a successful sale,” finishes Phillip.