TynTec to Deliver Skype SMS Messages to Mobile Users Worldwide

Mobile messaging services provider TynTec announced a deal with Skype, the global Internet communication company, to provide high-quality SMS delivery for their 171 million users.

TynTec's deep-level access to the global mobile telecoms infrastructure (SS7) will support Skype SMS, a feature that lets Skype users to send SMS messages directly from their computers to mobile phones anywhere in the world.

"Working with Skype, who is at the cutting edge of the Internet communications revolution, to deliver high volumes of SMS traffic is a testament to the flexibility and quality of our offering," said TynTec's CEO Michael Kowalzik.

"By offering single-point access to the worldwide mobile telecoms network we are helping Skype to deliver messages on a worldwide scale, opening up the potential for new revenue streams," Kowalzik added.

TynTec's deep-level telecoms access combined with its proprietary SMS platform means that it can offer Skype high volumes of SMS throughput whilst retaining a high-quality of message delivery.

TynTec guarantees that Skype users' SMS messages are delivered within 15 seconds, maintaining the near-real-time level of communications that Skype users expect.