New roaming technology coming

Global roaming and mobile connectivity expert Roamware has successfully completed the GSM Association-led proof-of-concept trial for a new hub-based roaming structure for the mobile market. Once tested and installed, the hubs will provide a single point of contact for operators seeking roaming agreements, eliminating the time-consuming individual and bi-lateral agreement approach in use today.

"The successful delivery of the proof-of-concept shows our commitment to develop innovative technology that is compliant with GSM Association specifications designed to drive the market forward," said John Jiang, Roamware's Chief Technology Officer. "The value and expertise that Roamware can contribute to the Open Connectivity Initiative will provide direct cost saving benefits for our customers and positively impact the worldwide mobile market."

Roamware's participation in the roaming hubbing initiative is the latest stage in building a worldwide hubbing network that will dramatically reduce the time-to-market for operators looking to offer roaming services. Roamware technology is fully compliant with the Open Connectivity project's detailed specifications, already enabling 15 roaming hubs world-wide.

With its technical viability now proven, the GSMA will conduct a full roaming hubbing trial later this year. The goal is to develop a hub-based roaming model following the principles of the GSMA's Open Connectivity project, established to simplify the roaming and inter-working agreement process between operators worldwide. This will have a significant impact on the accessibility and growth of roaming services, particularly for 3G network operators.