NZ e-banking scammer gets off without prosecution

Interesting to read a story over the weekend about a New Zealand couple whose bank account was scammed using a keylogger for $1,000.

The couple - Joanne and Rob Kinnaird, from Upper Hutt, a city about 30 minutes' drive from New Zealand's capital city of Wellington - said their account was emptied last May, and that at least two other people were affected by the scam.

The Kinnairds recently received a letter from local police saying inquiries had revealed the money had been deposited into the account of a Wanganui resident, whom police had warned but decided against prosecuting.

Police say that the man sent the money on to an overseas destination and did receive any of the proceeds. In addition, police say that, following a head injury as a child, the man did not function at an adult level - this was key to the decision not to prosecute, they say.

Joanne Kinnaird said the decision not to prosecute the man and to close the police file meant they had been denied justice, even though ANZ Bank has reimbursed them for their losses.

Interesting case - myself, I'd be grateful for the bank for refunding the dosh and just keep quiet about the whole saga...