Adult spam campaign pushing punters to new Trojan

Sophos is warning Netters about an adult spam campaign that routes punters to a page with `hot photos from the birthday,' hinting that the page is chokka with prOn.

The page, which contains download links for what appears to be prOn, is actually a front for downloads of the Pushu-A Trojan horse, which attempts to steal information from infected PC owners.

Interestingly though, whilst investigating one site hosting the malware, Sophos also discovered a normal pic of Lewis Black and Dave Attell, two US comedians, which was not infected.

Graham Cluley, Sophos' senior technology consultant (fx: doffs cap in the presence of IT security royalty -Ed) said that, as with all messages offering salacious content, there is a danger of people getting too excited to think about their PC's health.

"The comics in the photograph certainly add a strange twist, though it's unlikely anyone will be laughing if their PCs are compromised by downloading Pushu," he added.

According to Cluley, the email spam campaign has been widely distributed, although Sophos has not received many reports of users infected by the Trojan.

"Those users that visit the phoney adult sites risk opening their PCs for cybercriminals to steal information or carry out further online attacks," he said.

"Thanks to its continued success rate, it seems likely that this type of illicit material will be used to tempt people into infection for some time to come," he added...


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