Da CookieMonstor will get you

This came to me recently: A site threatening to sue us because we scan for their cookies in CounterSpy:

http www sunbelt software com ihs alex cookiemonster12323 gif

Company: Searchalot, Inc.

Company website: http://www.searchalot.com/ Contact name:

Gerald ODea

Product name affected: http://www.searchalot.com/ Product versions

affected: All Product is detected as: Cookie?

Software can be downloaded here: None


Brief description of software:

No software, and our site has absoultely no cookies. Please remove it

from your list or we will need to pursue this further with our law

firm, and you'll be responsible for all of our legal fees.


Reason for submission:

to remove the searchalot.com site from your list as having some type

of bad cookie. we set no cookies on the site, so your description is

absoultely incorrect and it causing us to lose users. We will use the

emails from users having a concern about using our site, because of

your software, as evidence of lost revenue, and we will definitely

prevail in court.



Needless to say, they’re right, they have stopped pushing cookies pushed from that site, so we have taken them off.

But the idea of suing us because we scan for their cookies is just… out there. They need to listen to CookieMonstor disco and relax...