Document Management software adopts Web 2.0

KnowledgeTree released version 3.4 of the KnowledgeTree Document Management System which now includes enhanced Web 2.0 collaboration features such as Tagging, Tag Clouds and Really Simple Syndication (RSS).

"Consumer Web 2.0 applications, which help people publish and manage content with ease, are some of the most popular and well-trafficked sites today. KnowledgeTree now brings the same power and simplicity to business, helping people store, share, track and manage their business documents and emails with the same ease and intuitiveness, " said Daniel Chalef of KnowledgeTree developers Jam Warehouse.

Existing document management systems have suffered from low user acceptance due to high levels of complexity, which, when coupled with their high licensing costs, are often a costly mistake for smaller to medium-sized businesses. KnowledgeTree provides a simple yet powerful, low-cost and open source alternative to these proprietary applications.

KnowledgeTree's tags allow users to easily store and categorize documents in a manner that is natural to them. Finding documents is simplified with tag searches and Tag Clouds, a graphical representation of all document tags. Once uploaded, users are notified of updates to their documents by email or RSS feeds.

These new technologies complement KnowledgeTree's existing Microsoft Windows Desktop and Microsoft Office integration capabilities, which provide KnowledgeTree users with the ability to drag and drop files in to the document repository and to access them from within Microsoft Office applications.

Along with RSS and Tagging capabilities, KnowledgeTree 3.4 includes server-side integration with, document to PDF conversion capabilities and an updated Apache, MySQL and PHP software stack.

All of these enhancements are available now in KnowledgeTree Open Source Edition, providing KnowledgeTree community developers with powerful new capabilities.

KnowledgeTree's vision is to make document management simple. The web-based application is built on the popular open source LAMP (Apache/MySQL/PHP) stack and has been downloaded more than 280 000 times to date. KnowledgeTree is used by small and big business alike, with users including Fortune 500 companies, community organizations, local and state governments and educational and scientific institutions around the world.

KnowledgeTree is available in three additions: KnowledgeTree Enterprise, KnowledgeTree SMB and KnowledgeTree Open Source. The commercial editions of KnowledgeTree are sold with access to priority support and offer additional functionality that provides a familiar Windows Explorer and Microsoft Office interface into the document repository and direct-to-repository scanning capability.