Almost half of work Web traffic is non-productive

I was mildly amused to read in the latest ScanSafe monthly Web trends survey that almost half of the Web traffic in the workplace is, as the report puts it: "non work-related,"

ScanSafe, which offer companies a Web security service, says its analysis of customer Web traffic during February found that 49 per cent of work surfing included requests for gambling, music, prOn and Webmail sites.

Overall, the company says, its Web filtering blocks were up eight per cent during February, compared to January.

Specifically, the firm found that 14 per cent of its Web site blocks were for advertising and promotion, whilst 12 per cent were for chat and Instant Messaging services.

10 per cent of site blocks were for Webmail services - which I think is a bit mean, as it only means a worker is checking their personal email, which is okay in moderation, surely?...